Il luogo dove i sapori
della tradizione sposano
l'innovazione nel gusto
I grandi vini
della tradizione
Cantina Di Bacco
Cantina Di Bacco
La riscoperta di un'antica ricetta
Cantina Di Bacco
Cantina Di Bacco
Cantina Di Bacco
Winery Di Bacco
The place where the traditional flavors marry innovation in taste
It is in the small village of Pratola Peligna, in the province of L’Aquila, between high and green hills comes the company Di Bacco.

In 2005 the young man freed, tired of employment by monotonous and repetitive, with courage and a dash of ambition decided to cultivate the vineyards of the family that so fascinated him.

Enthusiasm, innovation, creativity and tradition are the keywords of the new venture.

Excellent product and springboard of the company is the cooked must.

By the time the love and passion for the new job push Liberato Di Bacco to invest and to plant new vineyards.

Today the company Di Bacco has expanded the variety of its products with jams, wines, sparkling wines and liqueurs.

Liberato Di Bacco

/ The great wines of the tradition of Abruzzo

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